2018 Year in Review | Eldersville United Methodist Church

2018 Year in Review

2018 Year in Review

This past year has been full of grief, tragedy, and confusion. Yet, it has also been a year filled the knowledge of God’s abiding presence with us.

Take a moment to reflect on God’s goodness to us in Eldersville this year. Share with others ways that God has spoken to you through worship and service.

Thank you to all who gave of their time, talent, and treasure that we might worship God together and grow in the love of God and our neighbor.

God bless you all.

– Pastor Joel Peterson

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  3. The War to End War – Veterans Day
  4. Witnesses of the Resurrection – Easter
  5. The Good Shepherd Becomes a Sheep
  6. Offering the Real Jesus
  7. A Juice Box Faith

If you missed some of the sermons in our “Focus” series, now is a great time to catch up! We’ll be building on this solid foundation in 2019 as our Church Council leads us in making new places for new people, doing ministry with the poor, dismantling racism, improving health, and developing principled leaders!

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