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Good Friday: Sunset 7:55 PM Candlelight Vigil. Suggested Reading: 1 Corinthians 15:44-49 Gospel of John 19

READ ON FOR Holy Saturday message also. Suggested Reading: Gospel of Luke 23

Good Friday is essential to celebrating Easter, as we reflect upon the sorrow and darkness of the original day. It is today that we can embrace the Cross with sorrow as the first disciples.

This is your invitation to drive through the church lane amidst the luminaries, receive a devotional, and meditate on the stunning truth-that Jesus Christ Himself took on human flesh, lived among us, for a pivotal time in history.

The Son of God came to earth to die on Calvary Cross as our SAVIOR, so we could be saved/reconciled to God.

Good Friday celebrates the day that Jesus Christ shed His blood for the cost of each our sins.

The suffering Jesus endures was imaginable, and then from the Cross He said, “It is finished” (John 19:30). He meant that God had accepted His work on the cross as the penalty for our sins. 

Jesus Christ’s death teaches us the extent of forgiveness –even one person for the other.

While the meaningful depth of Good Friday is truly somber, it was only the prelude to Sunday, Resurrection Morning, we call Easter. 

Today we should mourn because we feel the weight of our sins upon our innocent Lord.

Our joy is of saving grace made possible at the Cross.

EUMC Holy Saturday 4-11-2020

There are endless masses of people around the world who do not experience peace at any given moment.

Their hearts are cold, their senses and minds complacent to everyday occurrences, they are attracted by worldly values and quick fixes. And when a quick resolve does not meet with their expectations, a multitude of things can happen, including ‘not experiencing peace.’

Romans 13:11 NIV “And do this, understanding the present time: The hour has already come for you to wake up from your slumber, because our salvation is nearer now than when we first believed.”

They need to know and we need reminded that, Jesus Christ – who is the Prince of Peace – went to the Cross, for all people.

It should be remembered that at the time of Jesus’ crucifixion, two thieves were crucified beside Him (Luke 23:33–43), and both began their time on the cross by mocking and blaspheming Him, as did many of the spectators. One of the thieves responded to Jesus message of forgiveness of sins and salvation, being taken to paradise that very day. 

Allow Jesus Christ into your life, by His grace!

It is not too late to believe and accept that He died for you and me.

Suggested Reading: Gospel of Luke 23